Mission Statement

Intersectional Feminist Movement at Keele working on getting more women involved in every level of decision making.

The project is aiming to engage and support cis and trans women, and non-binary people to run for the paid student politics positions within the two unions (the SU and the Keele Postgraduate Association)  which are very heavily male dominated.

We also want to foster a wider engagement and empowerment of cis and trans women, and non-binary people to take part in decision making across our campus.

We are hoping that if this year is successful, it will run as an annual project and maybe even be used elsewhere.

This was all inspired by the work Celeste Jones did at Sheffield SU and some conversations with one of the past female SU Presidents we have had here at Keele, Emily Horsfall.

We also aim to credit and thank everyone that supports us, whether that is participating in events or the more invisible labour that is often unnoticed.

The Year Ahead

We are running a series of evening public talks starting in October 2018 and occurring every week during term-time on Thursday evenings at 6 pm.

We also have a conference planned for just before Easter, a formal dinner in the works and workshops and less formal coffee events all year as well.

We are also hoping to signpost the women of Keele to national conferences that are available.

Our events will aim to be at various different times of the day and on different weekdays to make it as accessible as possible to the widest collection of people.

We will also have spaces for guest writers on our website, if you get time to write for us at any time throughout the year.

It is hoped that having women’s experiences and learning on this website as well as resources for others to follow in our footsteps will make it easier for other institutions to make some  much needed changes too.

How can you help?

  • Speak for us: If you can be a speaker or participate in a panel, coffee morning or event please get in touch.
  • Write for us: If you can write for our website, which will have a theme each month and collect women’s experiences let us know
  • Direct the collective: If you have recommended reading or an article that speaks to this project, send it our way, we will collect reading on one of the pages.
  • Sponsor an Event: We are currently putting our budget together, if you can sponsor an event over the year, email us.
  • Help us with the Everyday: If you can help with the work to set up an event, put posters up, help us tidy up, tweet about us, take photos (the list could go on forever) please volunteer.
  • Keep us Accountable: Whenever anything is done for this project we want to thank everyone and credit ideas and contributions. Please help us with this.

Follow us on social media

twitter: @KeeleOf

Instagram: Women Of Keele Educate

Use the hashtag #SheShouldRunKeele #WomenOfKeele

Email us: womenofkeeleeducate@gmail.com


In solidarity, 

Sophia, Roxy and Ele