Ritual Excel – Self Worth Workshop

Artwork by @alyssaieb on nappy.co


Are you looking for a safe space to heal and focus on improving your self worth during the pandemic? Then register for the Ritual Excel workshop this Sunday, a holistic, ancestrally infused coaching space for Afro/Diasporic people, by Oshuwe, House of Sweetwaters.

In 2019 Ritual Excel was a 6 part in-person programme covering themes of Self-Love, Family, Community, Intimacy, Economics and Work. 

Set to run again this year, this is a bonus event to explore running this in a virtual environment. The Zoom link will be emailed to you the morning of the event.

What to expect:

Come with an open mind! Expect education on the Bakongo Cosmogram, a number of accessible exercises to get you comfortable, and exploring what the theme means to you, and then expect to hear anything the ancestors want to say.


Tickets are £35. We understand these are difficult financial times, so there is also the option to get a donation based ticket. You can also split the ticket cost over up to 3 months by emailing mara@houseofsweetwaters.co.uk

Safe Space

Ritual Excel is a safe space for all Black and Afro/Diasporic people. No phobias, isms or identity/experience negating allowed. If the ancestors wouldn’t have it, neither will we. We reserve the right to eject participants at any time.


The event will be held on Zoom. To discuss accessibility requirements please contact mara@houseofsweetwaters.co.uk


Eli Anderson is a storyteller and narrative coach putting the humanity back into healthcare. With over decades of experience supporting the wellbeing of people of all ages globally, Eli is a master facilitator and all round kind human being. http://www.storyaid.uk

Mara Livermore is a coach, consultant and entrepreneur specialising in helping people on their journey to become self-aware and then create a life where their time and available resources reflect the work they’ve done on that journey. http://www.houseofsweetwaters.co.uk

Link to buy tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ritual-excel-self-worth-tickets-142111941643

If you attend and would like to blog about your experience, please get in touch!

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