Accountability Post: Update to our Socials

Building on the learning from the wider community we are changing our bios on Twitter and Instagram

The observant amongst you may have seen we have updated some things.

We want to state, that learning and updating is normal, but ensuring visible transparency in that process is also important to us.

We didn’t want to just delete the old and ignore the learning. That is not how we grow.

In the interest of accountability, transparency and normalizing constant learning we are updating the following:

Twitter Before: Keele Intersectional feminists | empower cis+trans womxn & non-binary people | #SheShouldRunKeele | tweets by WOKE champions

Twitter Going Forward: Keele Intersectional feminists | empower all women & non-binary folk | #NoTerfs #SheShouldRunKeele | tweets by WOKE champions


Instagram Before: Intersectional feminist work at Keele. Aims: ・involve more cis+trans womxn & non-binary ppl
・empower womxn #SheShouldRunKeele ➡️

Instagram Going Forward: Keele Intersectional feminists | empower all women & non-binary folk | #NoTerfs #SheShouldRunKeele | posts by WOKE champions

See photos for before and after:


Let’s normalize growth and learning and apologizing for mistakes.

Photos of updated Bio texts from Instagram and Twitter Accounts:


We want to explicitly state that intersectional feminism should support and uplift people of all marginalized identities, including our trans and non-binary comrades so this change aims to reflect that we are here for intersectional identities as a collective

Terms change, we change, we learn, we grow, we update.

The wonderful and entire point of changing terms is that we get the space to grow into them.

What is the debate about using the term “womxn” and how should we use it? We think this quote below is very important, and to read the entire piece click here

“It’s completely valid for individuals to want to use ‘womxn’ to describe themselves, as long as they don’t assume others are happy with it,” says Prishita. “But if they’re talking about shared experiences with people of other marginalised genders, it’s important to say ‘womxn and non-binary people’.”

We’d like to take the time to high-light that we understand many people may still want to identify with the term “womxn” and you’re still welcome to. However, we have decided to move away from the term to signal that we stand together with intersecting identities as a collective trying to destroy the patriarchy.

This decision comes from a group discussion, an ongoing commitment to reading and learning and an aim to always be comfortable saying we got something wrong, or we changed our mind, or times are always changing.

For some great visual slides about our thoughts:

If you’re interested in knowing more here are some useful pieces to read:

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