Black History Month At Keele

What’s on

Welcome Back Everybody

The academic year begins in October, which many people know as Black History Month in the U.K.

Luckily, here at Keele, there are a list of events to look out for this year.

Activism 101 a collaborative workshop between Keele DTC , BAME society and W.O.K.E  – 4th of October 2019 @ Keele SU

Come along to learn basic activism skills, chat with a new group of people and get FREE pizza.

Film Screening: Black Britain – 10th of October @ Keele SU

Hosted by BAME society and The Movie Mavaracks, Black Britain is a collection of archive footage that show Black British contributions to the U.K.

Come by the SU during lunch to watch with us.

Black British History: Migration. Narratives. Movements. – 17th of October @ Chancellors CBA0.061

Cultural Affairs Project Present: I AM – 10th of October @ Chancellors Building

An art exhibition showcasing the work of Black and Brown womxn and the launch of the Cultural Affairs Project.







To get more info:

Follow DKN and CAP on Twitter and Instagram

Email: to join our working group mailing list.

 Keele BAME Society on Facebook and Instagram


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