Keele World Festival 2019

On the 7th November 2019 Keele SU held a world festival where it invited societies and dance groups at Keele to represent the global nature of students on campus.

There was lots of food, music, dancing, and conversations.

As part of the festival WOKE set up a stall giving out FREE candyfloss (Zakiya and myself had to learn fast to make it!) and asking passersby two questions:

What Could Keele Do Better?

What Can We Do to Make a Difference?

78 people gave us their responses and a lot more enjoyed the candyfloss! (Thanks Parker / Student Voice for lending us the machine!).

Below are some of the requests from people at Keele:

Events & Activities:

  • More Events apart from Discos at the SU
  • Cheaper SU events
  • More Stargazing Nights
  • Bonfire Night at Keele Hall
  • More talks about available services on campus
  • More Events for Alcohol Free Students


  • More promotion of the good work the SU does
  • Better communication between lecturers
  • Better communication between students and lecturer


  • Decolonize the Curriculum
  • More female lecturers
  • Greater sexual assault support from academic staff not just SVLO
  • More student activism
  • More rebellion against the university
  • Cheaper sports
  • Acceptance of International IDs at Cost-cutter
  • Easier access to information
  • More diversity and multicultural work x 2
  • Better anti-drink spiking policies or tools
  • Caring about student mental health more x 5
  • Bring back Night-line
  • student deadlines shouldn’t be 10 am
  • Lecturers giving notes on time
  • FREE printing for students

Spaces & Food

  • Better and cheaper accommodation x 5
  • More communal areas in halls
  • Full length mirrors in accommodation
  • Hooks on doors in accommodation
  • Too many people per kitchen and bathroom in old accommodation
  • Better street-lighting on campus for safety x 7
  • Lower food prices on campus x 7
  • Food available at later hours
  • More food choices inc halal, Asian, organic and vegan food
  • More vending machines in chancellors
  • More study spaces on campus
  • More communal spaces in general
  • a Law building
  • A Black Barber on Campus
  • Places to nap on campus
  • Improve the roads on campus
  • More parking

Missed the chance to give your feedback? Comment below!

We also want to make these changes happen.

So look at the list above, if you want help to create these changes, come and learn how to be an activist from us. Get involved and be the change.


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