Hey There Lock-down Friend, How Are You?




No, how are you really?


My mother asks me this question and it drives me insane, my constant ‘fine’ is never enough.

But I want to know how you are. Really.


Okay, I’m gonna tell you how I am and we’ll go from there!


We’re fine! Well as fine as we can be in lock-down.

We started things off so promisingly, I was gonna become a size 10 again, big kid was gonna ace his school work, the PhD. was gonna get written, and all D.I.Y jobs were going to be accomplished. 

By the end of lock-down we would be more organised, healthy, and our home shining like a new penny.

Let me tell you, it has not worked out like that at all!


Lock-down is hard.


Who’d have thought that being forced to stay at home would be so difficult?

There are so many things I have completely taken for granted.

I know this is normal – so I’m not beating myself up too much – but I’ve decided to make a list of all the things I miss. 

As soon as this lock-down is over I am going to show them some appreciation.

…Also, I love a good list!






Friends. I miss you.

We’ve kept in touch, spoken through a screen, shared messages and words of encouragement, sent each other articles that we think would help with our research.

But I miss you. I always thought that I wasn’t a very tactile person but I miss the physicality of friendship.

Sitting in a cafe chatting, watching you show baby so much love when you hold her while she sleeps, the parting hug as we say goodbye.

I miss you all.



pouring coffee outside early in the morning
Photo by Brooke Lewis on Pexels.com

Drive through coffee.

Oh my god.

I completely took for granted the ease of grabbing a coffee at a drive through.

The feeling of being completely exhausted from a hard night with baby, and knowing that I can access one of life’s little pleasures without taking baby out of her car seat and waking her.

Such a small thing but I miss it all the same.

Drive through baristas you will forever hold a place in my heart.



My kid misses you too.

painting and drawing tools set
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I miss the freedom of knowing that my big kid was accessing an education with fully trained professionals who care about him.

I miss his teacher.

He misses his friends immensely.

School teachers (and everyone who works in schools) will also hold a place in my heart.

I mean have you helped your kid with their maths work recently?

I have to spend hours trawling the internet in order to learn the maths I’m having to teach my son.

It’s not easy!




Ok some of you I’ve enjoyed not seeing so often – sorry but its true.

It’s been nice not feeling so obligated to take the kids to visit distant family members when we’d rather be sending time together as a foursome.

silhouette of man touching woman against sunset sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

And this is something I have vowed to have more control over when lock-down is over.

But I have missed my very close family members and the ease of popping in for a brew and a quick chat.




Lock-down has changed us all forever.

For me its making me thankful and appreciative.

It has enabled me to slow down and find the joy in life’s simple pleasure.



Let me carry on with another list: 




Hello again! I’m so thankful for you.

I love seeing you all and seeing all of your posts.

I love every single message you send!

And I love that on the days that we’re not feeling okay, its okay.

I love that we can reach out or not, and that either one is okay.

I love our no pressure friendships.





Thank you world for technology. 

I swear I have traveled more in the lock-down than I have in years.

We’ve been to museums and art galleries, literature festivals and seminars, right into the heart of people’s homes.

We’ve played games, participated in quizzes, and partied through the screen with our friends.

We’ve Face-Timed the world!



Medical professionals.

My good friend and mentor has Covid-19. Both her and her husband are at risk.

She remains positive and is receiving excellent care (Get well soon!).


Yesterday baby popped her elbow out and we had to attend our local hospital twice for staff to perform two reductions on it.

The staff were amazing.

Very quick and very calm and reassuring.

While we were there I had to wear a face mask, I maybe wore it for two hours of my day and it was uncomfortable.

Every member of staff I encountered was in full PPE so I can only imagine how they were feeling.

They are such angels in these troubling times.

(And again you, friend, were such a huge support)!


My cafetiere.

See above about drive through coffee, coffee is an essential substance both in and out of lock-down! 


Home delivery.

Home delivery staff (and all of the staff behind the scenes) I am so grateful.

How thankful I am that we can get most of our essential items delivered which means a reduction in the risk of infection.




Lock-down walks.

Being outdoors, even if just for an hour, has been essential to the mental health and well-being of my little family.

Spending time in our local green spaces has been bliss and is definitely something we will be continuing out of lock-down.

But most of all I want you to know, lock-down friend, that whatever your lock-down looks like, you are doing amazingly!

There is no guidebook on how to live in a pandemic situation because we’ve never been here before, and I hope that we wont have to endure this again.

But if all you want to do is lay on your sofa hitting up your new Disney + subscription, or you wanna jump on the couch to 5k, or you take out your frustration by ranting at the world on social media, then they’re all fine by me.

I think you’re doing a fab job!

In the meantime, just keep swimming and remember, I’m here if you need me, and I’ll probably be reaching out to you again sometime soon!

Or maybe we’ll house party! 🙂


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