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Run by & for People of Colour

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What is the Cultural Affairs Project (CAP)?

The Cultural Affairs Project is a series of events launched in Black History Month (October) to celebrate and create a discourse about our cultures individually and together as People of Colour. CAP aims to: 

  • Empower People of Colour in environments where there is a lack of positive representation and visibility.
  • Commemorate the achievements and experiences of People of Colour.
  • Bring awareness to neglected histories
  • Produce and promote inclusive and safe spaces
  • Increase engagement with well-being among BAME students
  • Supporting the decolonisation of the curriculum

Who is involved?

CAP is created and led by Ade Bakare (SABakare2) and Raveena (rav_nmn) and with the main support of W.O.K.E and Keele BAME Society.

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 What have we done so far?

Our event ‘We Need To Talk’  was a panel-based discussion on the affect of issues in our community such as Colorism/Anti-Blackness, Mental Health, and Gender Roles (and Sexuality). We started the conversation with set questions, which was a great starting point to open up on the impact of these topics.

It was great to have so many people come and share their experiences with us. We are grateful for everyone’s willingness to listen and can’t wait to do more for our community.

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Upcoming events:

What the events are about?

Art Exhibition: I AM  – The exhibition will showcase art by black and brown womxn and focus on the theme of identity. I AM is an exploration of the concepts, discourse, and history associated with having a multifaceted identity. The featured artists will present visual pieces and poetry expressing themes of body positivity, colourism, and more.

British History Lecture Series – There is a gap in the national curriculum that has been caused by the neglected parts of British history specifically Black British History. Often, lessons on Black History equates to Black American history, allowing Britain to navigate under the illusion that it does not have a rich history in black liberation, racist institutions and, of course, slavery. This series of lectures on Black History in Britain will cover a small part in the vast amount of history pushed aside and dismissed, disallowing us to engage with our true roots.

Phenomenal Womxn – Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’, this event attempts to empower and inspire womxn to understand what it will take to achieve career goals in a society dominated by the white patriarchy. This event* aims to bring awareness to different career paths and the obstacles which womxn face in different sectors. We will have womxn in different sectors discussing how their identity has impacted their choice of career and lifestyle. 


Disclaimer: While this is an event for womxn, allies are welcome but with the understanding that this space was not created for you. 

Womxn is written in solidarity with non- binary and trans people. All language will remain inclusive. 

Colours of the Night – A night life event celebrating queer People of Colour. #PRIDE

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Funded by: Keele Key Fund, Keele Communities Together Fund