This page will have a summary of campaigns that we are working on with other key stakeholders at Keele and SU Societies. We also have a lot of events like lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, and film screenings. Follow us on social media, email us, join us.

The academic year 2019-2020 will focus on the following key issues:

Decolonising the Curriculum – This work is done with the DTC Student-Staff Working Group and BAME Society. For more information please contact the SU BME Officer – Raveena on her keele email: w6h50 you can also email the woke email and mark it for the attention of Raveena.

Accessible Bathrooms – This work builds on the years of attempts by past students to get gender neutral bathrooms around Keele. Acknowledging the work of Ele Fisher, Ian Wong and many others. This project will work with LGTBTQ+ Soc and key members of both student unions. For more information or to help the campaign please contact Shivy by emailing the woke email and marking it for the attention of Shivy.

International Women’s Day – Focus on Women’s Health – This one day conference will bring together women and experts to discuss the everyday lived experiences. This day hopes to invite all of Keele’s medical students to come and listen and learn. For further information or to see how to help please contact: L.Carter on her keele email or contact the woke email and mark it for the attention of Laura C.

Domestic and Gender Based Violence – Half day conference in the second semester. Signposting and information including experiences around domestic violence. To see how to help please email the woke email address and mark it for the attention of Zakiya.

Cultural Affairs Project –The main information for this project can be found here

#SheShouldRun – Following on from last year’s success where both unions have formally adopted She Should Run policies, woke will continue to support and encourage greater engagement in a more diverse set of candidates representing Keele Students. We will continue to lobby for approaches that include workshops, work shadowing current sabbatical officers and promotion of positions to key liberation groups. For more information or to help with this project please email the woke email address with the title #SheShouldRun.

Women in Sport – We are continuing to work with Keele Sports Center and look forward to welcoming back the women in sports who spoke to us last year. For any further ideas on how to help cis and trans women and non-binary people participate more in sports please do get in touch with the woke email and put the heading ‘Women in Sport’. Also pop along and speak to Nina, Naomi and Mel in the sports center, they are all lovely!.

Child Marriage Bill – This academic year woke will be working with Karma Nirvana to campaign with them for the Child Marriage Bill . To get involved please email the woke email address and mark if for the attention of Ade.