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Category: W.o.K.E Updates

Ritual Excel – Self Worth Workshop

Artwork by @alyssaieb on **THIS EVENT IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR THOSE WHO IDENTIFY AS BLACK** Are you looking for a safe space to heal and focus on improving your self worth during the pandemic? Then register for the Ritual Excel workshop this Sunday, a holistic, ancestrally infused coaching space for Afro/Diasporic people, by Oshuwe, House of Sweetwaters. In 2019 Ritual Excel was a 6 part in-person programme covering themes of Self-Love, Family, Community, Intimacy, Economics and Work.  Set to run again this year, this is a bonus event to explore… Read more Ritual Excel – Self Worth Workshop

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

/////////////CONTENT WARNING///////////// Mentions of violence throughout ////////////////////////////////////////////// I’m 5 years old, its my birthday. I’ve just had quarrelled with my little brother, he wants to play with my new dollhouse. When its noticed that I’m crying, my punishment is 24 hours sat in the same spot, much too scared to ask for the bathroom. I’m 8 years old, its 3am. I’ve had another nightmare, and I’m getting shouted at for making too much noise in the night. I’m asked over and over again what I could be dreaming about, but… Read more International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Trans Day of Remembrance 2020

Content Warning: Discussion of transphobia, murder and violence. For the cisgender allies, although upsetting I urge you to read this to understand the reality of being transgender in 2020. For the trans folk out there I urge you to exercise self-compassion in consuming blogs like this and only continue if safe to do so. 350 trans and gender-diverse people have been reported murdered in the last year. 350 human beings with lives, stories, loves, hopes, fears and dreams. In a year which has seen growing instances of vocal transphobia from… Read more Trans Day of Remembrance 2020