A start to anti-racism work

This list of resources is taken from a friends Facebook post, thank you.

If you have any other suggested links and resources please use the feedback form at the bottom of this article.

If you are white, white-passing, a light-skinned person of colour, and basically anyone looking to do something here is a list of places for you to start:

1. Move money to black and brown people’s lives and freedom.

Some examples: 

Donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund,  Resourcing Racial Justice fund in the U.K. 
Reclaim the Block:Rachel Cargle’s The Great UnlearnBlack Visions Donations

Donate to Covid-19 related funds with a racial justice focus – e.g.

UK QTIBIPOC Emergency relief & Hardship Fund an emergency hardship fund set up to provide short term support to Queer, Trans and Intersex, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTIBIPOC) currently living in the UK who are affected by the outbreak and ongoing shutdown caused by Covid-19.

Majonzi fund: Covid-19 bereavement fund  who are working with the Ubele Initiative to provide small grants to help families and work colleagues, community and faith groups to organise memorial events and tributes to celebrate and commemorate the lives of loved one’s.

They are also raising money to help individuals access bereavement counsellors and therapists reflecting religious and cultural diversity of the community through a network of qualified therapists through a platform called AUNTIE .

2. Learn about, support and get involved in anti-racism campaigns in your sector. Every sector should have something, google is your friend! 

In the charity sector examples like Charity So White https://charitysowhite.org/ and the Ubele Initiative https://www.ubele.org/

If there really is nothing in your sector, use reports from organisations such as the Runnymede Trust which will give you the data to make a case for the starting of an initiative in your sector


3. Diversify* your news feeds – which Black and POC activists are you currently following?

*EDIT we have realized how problematic this phrase is, to ‘diversify’ your news-feeds as if you should only be listening to Black voices to add a bit of colour to your social media presence. This point was made by Layla F Saad, and pointed out by a friend. I (Sophia) have kept this point in, for the learning of the point, to have our own accountability and to show that there needs to be constant reflection, calling each other out, calling each other in and progress during this work. With that in mind, please consider why you are following an account. There are published papers, blogs and books for you to explore too. The social media places to start are places where Black people and People of Colour are doing the work in those spaces for everyone to learn, but please be mindful of how you interact, how much space you take and reflect on, and avoid the phrase we have used above.

This gives you a chance to learn without putting a burden on the Black and POC friends and family you have.

Take the initiative to listen and educate yourself.

DO NOT DEMAND BLACK AND POC PEOPLE EDUCATE YOU OVER SOCIAL MEDIA. There are books, TED talks, google pages, papers, whole websites where you can DO THE WORK.

Always credit the work being done by your social media based educators. 

Some places to start:


Rachel Cargle

No White Saviours

Layla F Saad


Ally Henny Page

Black Feminist Collective 

Our Mel


End Deportations 

Gal Dem 

Munroe Bergdorf

Runnymede Trust

Southall Black Sisters

Sisters Uncut

4. Read about anti-racism and do the heavy, uncomfortable work to unpack (y)our internalized racism.

How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time

Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism

There is a really good google doc made by the same friend that you can access by clicking here 

Please take time to read through this list of resources for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

Other than point 6 here are 75 things you can do


The Anti-Racist Starter Pack: 40 TV Series, Documentaries, Movies, TED Talks, and Books to Add to Your List 

To learn together there’s an online book club that you register for here

There is also this Guide to Allyship

This article: 75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

A list of resources on the London Bi Pandas website

Keele Law School Colleagues have put together this : Race, Racism and the Law: A Summer Reading & Watching List which can be accessed on a google doc here or on a blog post on our site here

Some resources from the Decolonise Keele Network can be found here

5. Do the work.

Keep yourself accountable.

Take the burden off your Black and POC friends.

If you want to read about a workshop we had run by Leonie click here

We are hoping to fund a future workshop by Leonie once we know what’s happening with life around covid etc.


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