Feedback: Activism 101

On the 4th October a collaborative event between WOKE, BAME Society and Decolonise the Curriculum was held, ‘Activism 101’.

It was also supported by part of the SU’s ‘Give it a Go’ campaign.

Read on for a brief write up from Yaar who attended the workshop:

This workshop was simply, brilliant.

I really enjoyed the give-and-take between the students and our lofty discussions.

The workshop was fun, engaging, and incredibly useful for developing political campaigns on campus.

You created an open atmosphere and an inclusive space, right at the heart of the SU.

You made us feel at ease and encouraged us to share our thoughts and ideas about activism at Keele.

The workshop took universal ideals and applied them into practical actions, by using diagrams, charts and other visual methods.

You reinforced my conviction that together we can make a difference on campus by taking direct action and by thinking creatively, ‘outside the box’.

Thank you so much for that and I am looking forward to working with you all again at your next events.


Get in touch if you want to write any feedback on the Activism 101 Event!

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